My right knee is so sore that I’m worried about future ability to continue this kind of working out. I’m going to spend the weekend icing it and rolling out my upper leg to see if I can’t heal it and get those tight muscles to stop yanking my poor knee around. It hurts to walk down stairs at this point. I’ll throw in some pushups and leg raises just so something gets done on the upper body and abs today. Both my parents have terrible knees so it’s bloody likely that I do too.

I also wanted to comment on how eating well really does impact your workouts. The energy level required for crossfit is enormous and if you’ve eaten poorly, it’s nearly impossible to get through the workout. Honestly, it’s not a scam!

Trying a Bulletproof style coffee this morning. Has anyone tried this themselves? Thoughts?
How To Make Your Coffee Bullletproof.

Meal 1: Pork loin on spinach with balsamic and half an avocado.
Smoothie: Strawberries, PP, kale, almond milk and a spoonful of honey because I REALLY wanted today’s smoothie to taste great. Yesterdays was so gross I didn’t eat it.

I forgot all about the rest of this one…