Tea with milk. I didn’t get up very early this morning and then I faffed about so didn’t make lunch OR dinner and it’s a show shift work day (extra long), so I got lazy and bought my meals for today. I did have time to make a smoothie though, at least.

Meal 1: Vegan Carrot Cashew Sauerkraut ginger spread and wine sausage.

Smoothie: The usual.

Meal 2: Big ole chef salad with sweet onion oil dressing.

Felt like dessert so I had a bowl of vanilla yogurt and a handful of apple granola. Not entirely kosher, but very satisfying.

I’m not doing ANYTHING today. I’m healing my strained calf muscle, trying to relax the pinch in my neck and to ease up on the right knee. I do plan to go for a light jog tomorrow but we’ll see how the body parts are holding up. I wish I could afford to do more maintenance, like rolfing and acupuncture and acupressure massage more often but at the moment that’s off the table. Maybe in a month’s time. Or I can just start dating a dude who knows how to massage *SMIRK*