It was a weird food day. I watched the rugby at the pub at noon and the price of entry included a pint and lunch, so I made that my cheat meal. Hell of an enjoyable day. England won!

Meal 1: Two bison sliders and chips and two pints of ale.

Smoothie: The usual

After WO Smoothie: Pinapple, almond milk and PP.

Then I stopped being hungry. The After workout smoothie was at 7:30 and then I was done eating. I went to Sarah’s to watch movies and I just drank water the rest of the night. So definitely not enough food for the day, but I just didn’t want any more.

2 rounds
20 Doubles (60 Singles) – I strained my left calf muscle a bit doing this. So my body is telling me it’s tired. I’ll take a break over Saturday and maybe a light jog on Sunday.
20 Air Squats
10 Scap Push-ups with 3 sec hold at top
5 Clean and Jerks – 35lbs

Front Squats (Deload)
35lbs x 5 reps
45lbs x 5 reps
55lbs x 5 reps – 3 times. This was enough. My wrists got very sore, as my flexibility is not up yet. Though I do think it’s improved since the beginning, so that’s something. Also, my right knee is being a jerk and I know exactly why. I need to roll out that quad and IT EVERY day.

43 Calorie Row
then 4 rounds:
3 Deadlifts
3 Plyo push ups – I was good at these!
3 Clean and Jerks
then after 4 rounds finish with:
43 Calorie Row
2 rounds 72 sec Plank  – I’m finding that doing planks after lots of shoulder work is murder. My shoulders are so tired that holding me up in a plank is hard. My abs feel ok but my shoulders want to die. Guh.