I went to crossfit early in the day – 9:30 – so I had my first meal at 11:30, which was the after-work-out shake. Though it was a little late.

WO Shake: Almond milk, pineapple up the wazoo and protein powder (I hate typing that out. PP from now on).
Meal 1: Ground pork I wanted to use up with avocado and a bit of tomato sauce and parm.
Shake: Almond milk, PP, almond butter, wheatgrass and spinach and a whack of strawberries
Meal 2: Chicken breast wrapped in prosciutto, kale toasted in grapeseed oil and a fistful of quinoa reheated in butter.

Party in evening: I drank too much. Sigh. So no more booze this week. It was an Elaine Stritch tribute, so there had to be booze. Shrug. We also had snacks, and I stopped eating them around 9. So my eating window today was 11:30 – 9.  A little longer than it is supposed to be but still not bad. I ate paleo friendly snacks, like carrot fritters, but also a little cheese.

Warmed up with some power cleans, pushups and air squats.

Back Squats:
5 x 25lbs
5 x 35lbs
5 x 45lbs
5 x 50lbs
5 x 55lbs
A bonus 5 x 55lbs.

My knees were sensitive and I didn’t want to go NUTSO on the back squats, plus this is a de-load week? Whatever that means. Regrouping I suppose. But I felt quite strong, and just focused on getting the squats lower and getting more flexibility in my left ankle, stupid thing. I do think the acupuncture might help, since I noticed an improvement in my neck already.

Then we did AMRAP in 3 minute rounds:
3 Power Cleans – I did 35lbs and in retrospect I could have done heavier. Next time.
6 push ups – Man these really are my weakest move. I am improving SO SLOWLY, but honestly, by the time I get to the second round it takes forever to do them. What a struggle.
9 air squats – I can do these all day, no sweat, so I’m working on keeping the weight really back on the heels to not overload my already overloaded quads, keeping my knees pushed out so not to strain them, and getting as low as I can with that damn ankle.

I got 3 rounds + 8, 2 rounds + 7, 2 rounds + 3, 2 rounds + 4, and 2 rounds + 4. I sacrificed a bit of speed (well, I couldn’t’ go any faster on those pushups) to make sure my form was PERFECT. And it was.