Hello kids!

Some notes about how I felt after last night’s cheat extravaganzaaaa (that word is incapable of existing without the extra a’s):

I found that after my big nacho binge, my nacho buddy suggested we get dairy queen and I didn’t actually feel like it or want it. I am not that heavy a sweet-tooth to start with but I’m pleased to see that even though I was given free rein to chow down, I didn’t actually want to. I also didn’t feel like drinking much booze either. We shared the pitcher of sangria, and that was great, then I poured myself a vodka soda, which I drank half of. I also had a glass and a half of pink prosecco, but all of that was not nearly what I’m usually able to consume in a party setting. So neither good nor bad, just an interesting effect the week of specific eating followed by wild abandon had on me.

We then had to look up the difference between ‘sated’ and ‘satiated’.

This morning I find the only detriment I’m suffering is a sense of dehydration (salty salty food and booze) thus sporting a pair of very attractive bags under my eyes. But no gastrointestinal distress or anything. Hurrah for me. I did opt for a meal that didn’t have any wheat in it. I’m glad for this, because a huge meal with wheat usually leaves me lying on the floor whining about how uncomfortably full I am. Good choice.

Today is a fasting day.  Tea, and since I’m new at it, a little chicken broth mid afternoon, and lots of water. We’ll see how this goes. I’m not very good at not eating. I get hangry.

1:22 pm. Mm. Low sodium Chicken Broth. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzsnx. Everything is terrible. Also it’s giving me awful breath. Wow.

3:05 pm I’m reading up on tips with fasting and intermittent fasting and I found something rather interesting regarding fasting for women. I have indeed had problems falling asleep this week. Wednesday night was particularly bad, and I had terrible anxiety. Thursday night wasn’t great, but not as bad. Last night was ok because I ate a truckload of nachos and drank and went to bed at 2am anyway. But now I wonder if the fasting is a good idea? Perhaps I should increase my eating window to 10 hours instead of 8? I could give the thing I’m doing one more week to see if the sleeplessness improves but if not, I can see the problem. Anyway, with this in mind I’ve decided to have one meal today, and have it be a proper full meal with veggies and protein and fats, and see how that goes. I’m finding not eating for a day really tough in terms of mental function and mood, that’s for sure. Grumpy and hungry and angry. Grangry.

OK I had steak and sauerkraut with carrot cashew spread. I ate it all between 6pm and 8pm. So that was nearly a 24 hour fast to be followed by a 16 hour fast. I suppose that’s something.